One-Click Example

Below is our one-click Wallet SDK example using the Fuel test faucet on Rinkeby.

Try it out!

// import fuel from "@fuel-js/wallet" await import(''); // Create a new wallet with a new key // Tip: try setting `null` to `web3.currentProvider` to run with MetaMask const wallet = new fuel.Wallet(null, { network: 'rinkeby', }); // Get yourself some fake Moons await wallet.faucet(); // Establish faucet token id const faucetToken = fuel.constants.faucetToken; // Get your fake moons balance console.log('my balance: ', await wallet.balance(faucetToken, { format: 'ether' })); // Send yourself some faucet token const tx = await wallet.transfer(faucetToken, wallet.address, '4.5', { units: 'ether' }); // Checkout your transaction on the Block Explorer console.log('check out your tx: ' + window.rinkebyTx + tx.transactionId);