Fuel v0

Released as testnet at the beginning of 2020 (announcement).

Source code.


Fuel v1.0

Source code.

Features in addition to v0:

  • Optimize transaction format, reducing transaction sizes by ~50%
  • Contract refactoring in Yul+ for additional gas cost savings
  • Support HTLC and Return outputs
  • Extra module: Token funnel
  • Additional client-side applications:
    • mass token minting
    • liquidity provider for fast withdrawals
    • non-custodial exchange

Fuel v1.1

Current release.

Features in addition to v0:

Source code.

  • Sha256 HTLC support
  • Bitcoin, Cosmos, Polkadot atomic swaps
  • Block Explorer enhancements
  • Broader support for USDC, USDT

Fuel v2.0

Future released, expected 2021.

Features in addition to v1.1:

  • Interoperable smart-contracts
  • Predicate scripting
  • Covenants
  • Configurable state introspection (for Ethereum-style smart contracts)